Midnight Music 25 Anniversary Edition

by Andy Leek

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Inside every young girls head are all the rules a young girl fed I've found someone else instead someone who emotions there too Theres no one nicer more gently or considerate Id love her if she was paralyzed or even illitirate
I hear you enjoy very poor health Oh dear that's a bit full of wealth You never could resist a thrill One day you'll slip the final pill Midnight Music Don't Keep me awake anymore Midnight Music Don't keep me awake anymore Midnight Music You Dont Wake me Your bluffed by hating everyone You're so tough Is your music too good to play Am I the man you couldn't con Wil all your bluffs end someday? Cos I've found its no good Trying to be clever Borrowing respect on the never never Build on solid ground and you'll last forever
Insult 03:47
Break an egg into a cup I fall into your body spiraling up up up where reason is redundant Break a smile into a frown I drift into a hour glass spiraling down down down wondering where the fun went
She says that sex is empty It's not allowed inn the land of plenty He's impotent She's indifferent What's the problem She says he runs for cover And underneath he loves to suffer Fells so guilty pays the penalty What's the problem? Can't you play the happy house wife You've seen it acted so why not make it your life What's the problem? He says he's feeling drowsy And underneath he's feelin lousy Says. It's alright Holds her hand. Tight What's the problem Cant you play the happy husband Her love rebates and her final demand is what's the problem So what is it?
Twist in the Dark My priorities are paradise
One Chance 04:00
Soul Darlin' 02:58
Waiting 03:31


This is Andy Leeks amazing debut album. It’s a bright, likeable collection of songs: the powerful brass and melodic violin will please Dexys fans and Andy’s impassioned vocals offer some poignant, poetic lyrics. While the title track might dig at Dexys’ frontman Kevin Rowland, Leek’s true skill lay in plaintive ballads like “Woolfson Hall”, a tribute to the abode he shared with his girlfriend in Glasgow.


released January 1, 2010

All songs written by Andy Leek
except for Dancing Queen written by B. Ulvaeus, B Anderson, S Anderson


all rights reserved



Andy Leek Lichfield, UK

George Martin describes Andy Leek, the multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter and ex keyboard player of Dexys Midnight Runners, as "One of the best artists I have ever produced. He has what Lennon, McCartney and Elton has"

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